Judiciary Committee Report – week 5, 2017

SF 2Establishes a State Family Planning Services Program (and defunds Planned Parenthood)
SF 3Prohibits the use of automated or remote traffic enforcement devices
SF 87Permits certified peace officers and reserve officers to carry weapons on school property



Senate File 2 directs the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) to discontinue the Medicaid Family Planning Waiver effective July 1, 2017. The Medicaid Family Planning Waiver receives a 90/10 match from the federal government, which means the federal government picks up most of the cost; Iowa currently pays only 10 cents out of every dollar. Instead, the bill directs DHS to establish a state family planning services program that will be funded 100 percent with state money. The state-funded program will require a new administrative entity to prioritize providers through a tiered system that prohibits any providers that perform abortions from receiving any reimbursement through the program, even though no state funds currently go toward abortions. This bill reduces the total number of providers available and reduces access to health care. The bill also establishes more reporting requirements and increases administrative costs. The Branstad/Reynolds Administration and Republican legislators have publicly stated that the primary goal of this legislation is to deny funding to Planned Parenthood.
[2/2: 30-20 (party-line, with D. Johnson voting “yes”)]



Senate File 3 prohibits the state and local governments from using remote or automated traffic enforcement devices to enforce traffic laws. Any devices currently in use must be removed by July 1, 2017.  The bill is effective upon enactment. The Committee adopted an amendment that clarifies the bill only applies to devices used to identify vehicles breaking traffic laws in order to issue citations. The amendment defines “automated or remote system for traffic law enforcement” as “a camera or other optical device designed to work in conjunction with traffic signals or speed detection equipment to identify vehicles operating in violation of traffic laws and resulting in the issuance of civil infractions.” The Department of Transportation requested this amendment because staff was concerned that the bill would require removal of technology used to monitor traffic, including speed feedback signs.

[2/7: 8-4 (Boulton, Dawson, Kinney, Petersen “no”; Bisignano excused)]


Senate File 87 permits certified peace officers and reserve peace officers to carry weapons on school property at any time. Current law only allows peace officers to carry weapons on school grounds while on duty.
[2/7: party-line (Bisignano excused)]