Transportation Committee Report – week 8, 2017

SF 211 – Transporting an implement of husbandry
SSB 1079 – Use of electronic devices while driving



SF 211 indicates that a permit is not required by a farmer operating a motor vehicle that is carrying an implement of husbandry between fields, between locations for repair or between locations for storage of the implement. The motor vehicle must adhere to all other requirements or restrictions relating to size, weight, load, lighting, flags, equipment or manner of operation.
[2/28: short form]


SSB 1079 – Current law prohibits the use of a hand-held device to write, send or read text messages while driving a motor vehicle. This bill expands the law to prohibit any transmission of an electronic message on an electronic communication device, including telephones, personal digital assistants, and portable or mobile phones. An electronic message includes telephone calls, video calls, e-mail, text messages, instant messages, and commands or requests to access the Internet.

A driver must not use a hand-held device unless the vehicle is at a complete stop and off the traveled portion of the roadway, unless the device is in a hands-free mode or the devices is integrated into the vehicle. This includes GPS and navigation systems. The bill does not apply to public safety officials performing official duties; health care professionals in the course of an emergency; or a person sending or receiving safety related information including emergency, traffic or weather alerts.

A violation is a moving violation with a scheduled fine of $30. If a violation causes a serious injury, the court could impose an additional fine of $500 or suspend the person’s driver’s license for 90 days, or both. If the violation causes a death, the court could impose an additional fine of $1,000 or suspend the person’s driver’s license for 180 days, or both. Any driver convicted of six or more offenses in a two-year period would be placed on the habitual offender status, resulting in loss of a driver’s licenses for two to six years.
[2/28: 12-0 (Bertrand absent)]