Transportation Committee Report – week 10, 2017

SF 462 – Money collected for a certified driver’s abstract
HF 203 – Swapping federal transportation dollars



SF 462 provides that money collected for a certified driver’s abstract by the Department of Administrative Services and the Office of the Chief Information Officer be transferred to the State Treasurer, who will credit the money to the General Fund.
[3/9: 48-0 (Anderson, Bertrand excused]


HF 203 authorizes the Iowa Transportation Commission to periodically allocate money from the Primary Road Fund for constructing, maintaining and establishing county and city roads in exchange for retaining all the federal dollars that would have been allocated to those projects. The Commission must consult with stakeholders, including regional planning affiliations, metropolitan planning organizations, Iowa State Association of Counties and League of Cities.

Annually, $150 million in federal aid flows to the Transportation Commission, which in turn allocates funds to cities and counties. Projects paid for with federal money have certain requirements that state and local money does not, such as:

  • Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates
  • Buy American provisions, including mandating the use of American steel
  • Environmental impact studies

These requirements would no longer exist if this bill (formerly SF 184) becomes law.
[3/13: 26-21, party-line (Bertrand, Chapman, Sinclair excused)]