Transportation Committee Report – week 11, 2017

SF 234 – Makes texting and driving a primary offense
SF 406 – Permit not required by a farmer operating a motor vehicle
SF 448 – Salvage title without surrendering the certification of title
SF 449 – Installing cattle guard on dead end
HF 289 – Authorizes Carroll and Clay counties to issue driver’s licenses
HF 313 – Removing vehicle from roadway after accident
HF 314 – Move over for utility vehicles
HF 464 – All-terrain vehicle crossing primary highway



SF 234 makes texting and driving a primary offense. It updates and modernizes the definition of texting to include use of e-mail, webpages, social media and gaming. A phone may be used for calling, GPS and emergencies.
[3/22: 43-6 (Behn, Guth, Taylor, Chapman, Schultz, Zahn “no”; Shipley absent)]


SF 406 indicates that a permit is not required by a farmer operating a motor vehicle carrying an implement of husbandry between fields, between locations for repair or between locations for storage. The vehicle must adhere to all other requirements or restrictions relating to size, weight, load, lighting, flags, equipment or manner of operation.
[3/21: 49-0 (Shipley absent)]


SF 448 allows an insurer to apply for and be issued a salvage title without surrendering the certification of title, if ownership of the vehicle was transferred or will be transferred to the insurer. This is pursuant to a settlement with the previous owner of the vehicle arising from damage to the vehicle and 30 days have expired since the effective date of the settlement. The insurer must submit an application to the county treasurer where the vehicle is stored and must have an affidavit from the insurer that two written attempts to obtain a properly assigned certificate of title were attempted and failed.
[3/21: 49-0 (Shipley absent)]


SF 449 permits a landowner who owns property on both sides of a street or highway “dead end” to install a cattle guard where using a fence has continually been impaired by flooding. The road must serve no residence and exit to a secondary road.
[3/21: 48-0 (Hogg present; Shipley absent]


HF 289 authorizes Carroll and Clay counties to issue driver’s licenses, non-operator ID cards and persons with disabilities identification tags.
[3/20: 49-0 (Shipley “absent”)]



HF 313 requires a driver involved in an accident only resulting in damage to remove the vehicle from the roadway if it is operable and can be reached safely. The bill requires the driver to move vehicle to the shoulder, emergency lane or median nearest the scene of the accident.
[3/22: short form]


HF 314 requires the driver of a motor vehicle approaching a stationary utility vehicle displaying a flashing light to change into the adjacent lane if possible. If a lane change is impossible, the driver must reduce speed and be prepared to stop.
[3/22: short form]


HF 464 allows an all-terrain vehicle to cross a primary highway. They must do so at a 90 degree angle at a point in the highway that has no obstruction and allows for a quick and safe crossing.
[3/22: short form]