Human Resources Committee Report – week 13, 2017

HF 306—Nurse aid training and testing
HF 532—Prescription Monitoring Program registration
HF 547—DHS background investigations
HF 591—Supervision of physician assistants


HF 306 directs the Department of Human Services to adopt rules that will allow the Department of Inspections & Appeals to certify curriculums for nurse aid training and testing programs that may be delivered online, including a definition of clock hours and how veterans can satisfy requirements through their military experience.
[4/4: 50-0]


HF 547 allows the Department of Human Services to conduct background investigations on these individuals accessing Federal Tax Information: an applicant for employment with the Department; or a contractor, vendor or employee performing work for the Department with access to FTI. This is required by the Internal Revenue Service.
[4/3: 49-0 (Bertrand excused)]
HF 591 requires that when the Physician Assistant Board brings a case against a physician assistant (PA), the supervising physician must be notified; requires the Board to share information about complaints regarding a PA with the supervising physician; and requires the Board to seek approval of the Board of Medicine before amending any of its administrative rules that deal with PA supervision.
[4/4: 50-0]



HF 532 requires a prescribing practitioner to register for prescription monitoring program at the same time the practitioner applies to the Board of Pharmacy to register or renew to prescribe controlled substances.
[3/30: short form (Chapman excused)]