Natural Resources Committee Report – week 13, 2017

HF 202 – DNR Code cleanup: Solid waste management systems program and beautification grants
HF 475 – Use of a straight wall cartridge rifle for deer hunting


HF 202 contains various updates to responsibilities at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The bill removes language regarding funding for beautification grants since the program is now housed within the Economic Development Authority. The bill also makes changes regarding the solid waste environment management systems program, including eliminating the associated advisory council and updating terminology to reflect current operations.
[4/3: 49-0 (Bertrand absent)]


HF 475 allows the use of a straight wall cartridge rifle to hunt deer. Straight wall cartridge rifles would only use ammunition currently allowed for handguns that are approved for hunting deer, which must be .357 in caliber or larger and have a straight wall cartridge. Straight wall cartridge rifles have the same range as a deer slug shot, but with less recoil. These weapons are also considered to be more accurate than handguns. They could not be used during archery season, but could be used by those with a permit for the designated youth and disabled season, as well as the first and second shotgun seasons. The bill does not allow use of high-powered rifles, which have a much greater range.
[4/3: 49-0 (Bertrand absent)]