Transportation Committee Report – Week 5, 2018

SF 296 – Operating a snowmobile or ATV while carrying a firearm;
SF 2093 – Expands list of rescue vehicles;
SSB 3046 – Continues to allow the DOT to use third-party testers for CDLs. 



SF 296 allows a person to operate or ride a snowmobile or ATV while carrying a firearm on rented land. Current law allows this on land that is possessed or owned by the operator. If the person does not own, rent or possess the land, they must have the weapon concealed and have a valid permit to carry. Violation of the law is a simple misdemeanor with a $100 fine.
[2/7: short form]

SF 2093 adds vehicles equipped with hazardous material or emergency management equipment to the list of rescue vehicles. When responding to emergencies or supporting emergency personnel, these vehicles may proceed through stops and exceed speed limits, while exercising safety precautions and using an audible or visual alerts.
[2/7: 11-2 (No: Danielson, Bisignano)]

SSB 3046 repeals the sunset and continues to allow the Iowa Department of Transportation to use third-party testers to administer driving tests required for commercial driver’s licenses (CDL).
[2/7: short form]