Education Committee Report – Week 11, 2018

SF 2113 – Educator training on suicide and ACE awareness;
HF 2354 – Student data privacy protections. 



SF 2113 requires training for educators on suicide awareness and prevention. The bill requires local school boards to integrate one hour annually of evidenced-based training on suicide prevention and “postvention” as part of a licensed educator’s professional development and training. The Senate accepted a House amendment requiring an additional hour yearly of evidence-based training on the identification of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and strategies to mitigate toxic stress response for licensed school personnel who have regular contact with students.
[3/21: 49-0 (49 senators seated)]


HF 2354 places restrictions on third parties that receive student data from school districts. The bill outlines specific advertising targeting that these operators can and cannot do while maintaining student confidentiality. This is an effort to protect student privacy while allowing districts to maintain ongoing relationships with third-party technology providers.
[3/21: 49-0 (49 senators seated)]