Courtney: Iowa’s Secretary of State is misusing federal funds to pay for voter purge campaign


State Senator Tom Coutney of Burlington

Iowa Senate News Release
State Senator Tom Courtney: (319) 759-5334
For Immediate Release:  September 11, 2012


The chair of the Senate’s Government Oversight Committee today questioned Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz’s use of federal funding for his high-profile voter purge campaign.

During an appearance this afternoon before the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee, Schultz admitted that instead of using federal Help America Vote Act funding for its intended purposes (especially upgrading voting machines and poll worker training), he is using the funds on a controversial effort to purge Iowa’s voter rolls in the final 55 days of the 2012 campaign.

“The Help America Vote Act was passed 10 years ago to provide funding to all states to make voting easier and to increase access to polls,” said Senator Tom Courtney of Burlington. “It is stunning that Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz is instead using Iowa’s funds for an 11th hour attempt to purge Iowa’s voter rolls.”

“Secretary of State Schultz should immediately stop using Help America Vote Act funding for this misguided campaign that is only serving to scare qualified voters away from the polls.”  


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