Cutting property taxes will be top priority for 2013

State Senator Joe Bolkcom

Statement by Sen. Joe Bolkcom, chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee

IOWA CITY, June 1, 2012 – Cutting property taxes is long overdue and would be a great way to create jobs in every Iowa town. That’s why I’m so frustrated and disappointed that the House, Senate and Governor couldn’t work together to pass bold, permanent property tax reform during the 2012 session.

The Legislature does its best work when we refuse to be distracted by divisive issues and instead work together – Republicans and Democrats — on the top priorities of Iowans.

I was optimistic when the Iowa Senate voted during the 2011 session – by a whopping 46-4 margin – for $200 million annually in commercial property tax relief. One of the best features of this this bill was that it did NOT shift any additional tax burden to homeowners. Plus, 4 out of 5 commercial property tax payers would have received a 40 percent tax cut under the Senate’s bipartisan plan.

In the spirit of compromise, I worked during the 2012 session to help craft a bigger, bolder plan that would have cut commercial property taxes by more than $350 million. Unfortunately, the plan got caught up in election-year politics and didn’t receive a single vote by a Republican Senator.

Rest assured, Senate Democrats won’t give up until we get the job done. Iowans want results, not partisan bickering. Cutting property taxes will be one of our top priorities for the 2013 session.

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