Fact check: Iowa Senate Republican Leader uses discredited information to push anti-middle class agenda

Senator Paul McKinley’s claim is FALSE, says Politifact’s “Truth-O-Meter”

You may have received Senate Republican Leader Paul McKinley’s latest newsletter, titled “POLITICAL IRONY AND A TAX FREE HOLIDAY.”

In it, Senator McKinley repeats the claim that Wisconsin was responsible for half of the nation’s job growth in June.

…they (Republicans who currently control the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor’s office) alone were responsible for over half of the added jobs nationwide for the month of June, according to original Department of Labor estimates. An incredible statistic considering there are 49 other states in the union.

Incredible and not true.  PolitiFact.com, the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner, says McKinley’s claim mixes incompatible national and state job growth estimates. Wisconsin isn’t even at the top of the states in job growth.  PolitiFact’s bottom line:

“We rate the state GOP claim False.”

Governor Walker of Wisconsin has now backtracked, admitting the claim is false.  Yet Senator McKinley continues to cite this false information.

You can read the PolitiFact report for yourself at http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2011/jul/28/republican-party-wisconsin/wisconsin-republican-party-says-more-than-half-nat/

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