More harsh treatment of working Iowans… Poor Iowa

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Just another week of GOP smack down of working people and local elected officials. The senate approved two ALEC model bills. One, SF 376, will make it harder for someone that has been the victim of asbestos exposure and suffers the fatal consequences to have access to justice with their claim against asbestos manufacturers. Another bill, SF 438, would outlaw the ability of local elected officials to negotiate a contract with experienced, qualified union contractors for the construction of public schools and buildings. Both big business bills are bad for Iowans. More payback for campaign contributions. Next week in the senate, the GOP will cut wages for 65,000 low-wages workers and make it harder to vote. Poor Iowa.

On Tuesday, the Revenue Estimating Conference is scheduled to give a new revenue estimate for the current and next fiscal year. State revenues are weak, and people are expecting another round of lower estimates. If estimates are lowered for this year and next, it will be much harder to fund local schools, higher education, health care programs or anything else. Still no sign that Iowa’s greedy hoarding corporations will be asked to cough up one dollar of the tens of millions of tax subsidies Iowa taxpayers shovel on to their piles this year. The revenue decline is directly related to these out of control tax giveaways.

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Dan McMillan, Strategic Communications Director, University of Iowa College of Public Health
Lonny Pulkrabek, Johnson County Sheriff
Steve Dolezal, Chief Deputy, Johnson County Sheriff’s Department
Kelly Hayworth, City Administrator, City of Coralville
Larry Weber, Director, IIHR Hydorscience and Engineering
Witold Krajewski, Director, Iowa Flood Center
The Iowa Flood Center Staff!!!
April Holden, Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Iowa Chapter
Palmer Holden, Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Iowa Chapter
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Former State Senator Steve Warnstadt makes the case for tax reform.

Last week, I filed Senate File 394, a bill that significantly limits the RAC corporate tax refunds. This bill will save the state at least $40 million annually while maintaining competitive incentives to conduct research in Iowa. It’s time to trim the fastest growing area of state spending. It is time to say no to greed. If we don’t, more cuts to education are coming.

Here’s why tuition is going up.