Republican Agenda: Driving in Reverse

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It was another week of tough. The Republican agenda continues to drive Iowa in reverse. Among other things, this week the Senate approved legislation that would make it harder for Iowans that suffered at the hands of negligent health care providers to get justice and a bill that will suppress the votes of people of color, seniors and people with disabilities and create long lines at the polls for all voters. The Senate also approved legislation legalizing fireworks and banning medical research with fetal tissue. I voted no on these bills.

The Senate also passed a bill making texting while driving a primary offense but the legislation did not ban holding a phone up to your ear while driving. I supported this legislation but feel it did not go far enough to address distracted driving. I had hoped that we would have the votes to require handsfree driving.

Next week, Senate Republican will vote to cut the minimum wage in five Iowa counties and approve stand your ground legislation.



Travis Weipert, Johnson County Auditor
Chris Epting
Sarah Ziegenhorn, Medical Student, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Vicky Siefers, Moms Demand Action
Rebecca Truzowski, Moms Demand Action
Sorry if I missed you.


It was great to see Vicki Siefers and Rebecca Truzowski this week at the Capitol. They are working hard to make sure Iowa maintains sensible gun laws that protect Iowans.