Punishing stalkers can keep victims safe

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Iowa has an average of one domestic violence murder a month. The majority of victims are stalked by their murderer prior to being killed.

That is why I wrote legislation to put stalkers behind bars and keep victims safe. Senate File 468 won unanimous approval in the Iowa Senate on Tuesday. The bill expands the definition of what is considered criminal stalking and prohibits repeatedly using an electronic device to track a person’s whereabouts with no legitimate purpose.

Being stalked radically disrupts a victim’s life. They may be afraid to leave their home. They worry about the safety of their children. They might be forced to find a new job just to evade their stalker—or even worse, they get fired because the stalker disrupts their workplace.

SF 468 is now being considered by the Iowa House. If you also believe stalkers should be punished, contact your state representative and encourage them to vote for this bill. Find their contact information at www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find, then e-mail them, or call and a leave a message at the House switchboard (515-281-3221).