Senate Democratic Leader Rob Hogg on the release of the new Iowa Energy Plan

“As we review the proposed Iowa Energy Plan, the new Legislature and Governor’s office should focus on developing our state’s renewable energy and energy efficiency resources, generating wealth throughout the state and making Iowa even more energy independent.

“Democratic leadership led the way in developing Iowa’s statewide renewable energy industry. That’s because Iowa renewable energy is good for the environment and good for Iowa jobs across our state.

“Iowa is the number one state in the production of biofuels and a national leader in wind energy.  In addition, Iowa homeowners, farmers, and businesses are using solar systems to save money, and our utilities are investing in large scale solar installations.

“Many good Iowa jobs now involve manufacturing, installing and servicing of wind, solar, biofuels and energy efficiency systems. Iowa-made energy is a job creator that is expanding Iowa’s economy, especially in our rural areas and small towns.

“We hope legislative Republicans will continue bipartisan support for clean, renewable energy. This is especially important because the incoming President and his nominees for key positions have expressed opposition to clean energy solutions.”