11 bad bills… what Republicans have introduced (so far!)

Less than two weeks into the 2017 legislative session, here are some of the worst bills introduced by Republican Senators (so far…..)

  • SF 2(Co-sponsored by all 29 Republican Senators) – Defund Planned Parenthood.
  • SF 47 (Zaun) – Requires all voters to present an ID card to cast a ballot.
  • SF 29 (Zaun) – Creates a voucher program (“education savings accounts”) that would provide approximately $4,000 for homeschooled students and students at nonpublic schools; and eliminates the Department of Education and Iowa Public Television.
  • SF 53(Zaun) – Imposes a 20-week ban on abortions.
  • SF 55 (Chelgren) – Sets a lifetime ban from all state parks when a person has been convicted multiple times of various crimes, including public intoxication and OWI.
  • SF 31 (Zaun) — Authorizes school districts to adopt a mandatory uniform policy.
  • SF 45 (Zaun) – Ends the retirement systems currently used by public employees (IPERS, POR & 411) in 2019.
  • SF 60 (Chelgren) – Eliminates the option of straight-party voting.
  • SF 41 (Zaun) – Eliminates the tenure system at Iowa’s three state universities and bans tenure at community colleges.
  • SF 94 (Lofgren) – Turns the clock back 80 years by allowing 16 and 17 year olds to work in the laundry industry with chemicals and heavy machinery.
  • SF 71 (Chelgren) – Discourages Iowans from filing legitimate lawsuits by placing a financial burden on plaintiffs even before the case is heard by a judge or jury.