Rules & Administration Committee Report – Week 4, 2017

SR3 – Senate rules for the 87th General Assembly



SR3 proposes permanent rules for the Senate for the 87th General Assembly and makes several changes:

  • Rule 10 allows points of personal privilege immediately prior to adjournment for the day. Previously, points were allowed when no motion was pending or other business was being considered by the Senate.
  • Rules 12 and 52 are technical and remove the word “germaneness” and insert whether an amendment is germane.
  • Rule 25 deals with suspension of the rules and removes their ability to be suspended by unanimous consent.
  • Rule 34 attempts to clarify the committee appointment process made by the majority and minority leaders by striking “party members.” The rule now states that committee appointments must be made by the majority leader for members of the majority (after consultation with the president) and by the minority leader for members of the minority.
  • Rule 35 removes Economic Growth from the list of standing committees.
    [1/26: voice vote]