State Government Committee Report – week 7, 2017

SSB 1081 – Eliminating Iowa’s emergency response commission
SSB 1108 – Technical cleanup for ethics and campaign filings, reports
HF 231 – Apprenticeship training program for instate Iowa residents only



SSB 1081 eliminates the Iowa Emergency Response Commission and transfers the powers and duties to the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management. It also makes other technical changes to transfers and renumbers the remaining Code sections. This bill was sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. All interested parties agree that it streamlines government processes and removes duplicative duties.
[2/22: Short Form]


SSB 1108 is a technical Code cleanup bill that requires all statements and reports filed with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board be filed electronically. This aligns with current practice. Since January 1, 2016, all candidates and committees have been required to file statements and reports in an electronic format.
[2/22: Short Form]



HF 231 (By House Economic Growth/SF 180) clarifies that it is the intent of the Legislature that Iowa’s Economic Development Authority (IEDA) has broad general powers and specific program powers over all of the department’s statutory programs and administrative rules, including programs created pursuant to Code chapters 15, 15A, 15B, 15E, and 15J. Specifically, the bill clarifies and reaffirms the IEDA program implementation and administrative rule relating to apprenticeship training by requiring that a person be an Iowa resident to qualify as an apprentice under the program for purposes of calculating financial assistance awards.
[2/22:  50-0]