Local Government Committee Report – week 8, 2017

SSB 1100 – Recorders notices
SSB 1152 – Electronic pay via county treasurer
SSB 1153 – Deputy county auditor salary



SSB 1100 allows the original lien, certificate or notice included in a file to be returned to the sender or disposed of by the County Recorder if the sender does not wish it returned, if there is an official copy of the lien, certificate or notice in the Recorder’s office, or the lien, certificate or notice is maintained in the Recorder’s office as an electronic document or is recorded, copied or reproduced by any electronic, optical, magnetic, microfilm or other storage method.
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SSB 1152 allows for certain property tax payments and redemptions and calculating amounts of interest due via Internet to the County Treasurer.
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SSB 1153 allows the annual salary of a county’s deputy auditor of election not exceed 85 percent of the salary of the county auditor. Current law is at 80 percent.
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