Senate Dem Leader to top Senate Republicans: “Release sex harassment findings”

Senate Democratic Leader Petersen’s request for the public release of the Iowa Senate Republican sexual harassment investigation.

In the wake of  a $1.75 million settlement, Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen today called on the top two Senate Republicans leaders —  Senate President Jack Whitver and Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix — to release to the public the findings of their internal investigation of sexual harassment.

Here is the text of Senator Petersen’s letter to Senator Dix:

Dear Senator Dix:

I am writing to request that the findings of the internal investigation by the Senate Republicans of sexual harassment be released to the public.

As you know, the Legislature received a black eye this summer and fall after a Polk County jury delivered a $2.2 million verdict against Senate Republicans stemming from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former staffer Kirsten Anderson. (Subsequently, the Iowa Appeals Board approved a $1.75 million settlement.)

Since the taxpayers are on the hook for this $1.75 million settlement, the findings of this investigation should not be kept secret. Releasing the findings of your internal investigation would be a first step in making sure the Legislature is a safe and welcoming environment for all employees, protecting Iowa taxpayers, and protecting the rights of those who raise concerns about harassment.

Sen. Janet Petersen

Senate Democratic Leader


PDFs of each letter are below.

Petersen request to Senate Republican Leader Dix for the public release of sexual harassment investigation findings

Petersen request to Senate President Whitver for the public release of sexual harassment investigation findings