Senator Petersen’s prepared remarks on SF 2281

February 28, 2018 Senate Staff 0

I believe every Iowa woman in our state should have the FREEDOM to care for her body without government intervening. I believe every Iowa woman should have the FREEDOM to decide if and when she wants to be a parent. Unfortunately, that is becoming nearly impossible with Republicans in control of the Iowa Senate.

Iowa tax bill needs closer look

February 26, 2018 Senate Staff 0

Last week, Republicans who control the Iowa Senate came out with a 130-page, $1 billion tax plan. Much like what happens in Washington D.C., we’ve seen no spreadsheets to give us a sense of the […]

Commerce Committee Report – week 7, 2018

February 22, 2018 Senate Staff 0

SF 2169 – Alcoholic beverages licensee liability SF 2177 – CRA security freezes SF 2257 – Marketplace contractors SF 2262 – Final-stage motor vehicle manufacturers    FLOOR ACTION: SF 2177 eliminates fees to place, temporarily […]