Comprehensive water solutions bill

State Senator Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids has introduced comprehensive water solutions legislation that would, if enacted, provide a 15-year framework to clean up Iowa’s water and safeguard against flood and drought damage across the state. Key elements of Senate File 2161 include:

  • Establish an Iowa Water Commission (comparable to the Iowa Transportation Commission) to lead Iowa’s water protection efforts.
  • Adopt state-wide nutrient reduction goals and timetables including 20% reduction by 2024, 32% by 2028, and 45% by 2033.
  • Comprehensive statewide water and drought monitoring program.
  • Annual water quality reporting and annual water plan updates.
  • Support Watershed Management Authorities implementing a watershed approach.
  • Commission may identify additional priority watersheds for water action.
  • Fund the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and expand its research role.
  • Fund for the first time the Iowa Flood Mitigation Program established in 2012.
  • Fully fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.
  • Update the master matrix to better protect Iowa’s water resources.

In addition to fully funding the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, this bill would provide an additional $10 million appropriation for the flood mitigation program, watershed management authorities, comprehensive water and drought monitoring program, and the Leopold Center and Iowa Flood Center.

Sen. Hogg is calling upon Governor Reynolds and legislative leaders to take up this proposal so that together we can protect our health, clean up our waters, and safeguard our people and our property from future flood and drought damage.