Human Resources Committee Report – week 8, 2018

SF 2228  Licensing of genetic counselors;
SF 2298  Pharmacy Board membership and wholesaling policies. 



SF 2228 establishes licensing for genetic counselors under the Board of Medicine, including scope of practice, requirements for licensure, continuing education and discipline. Genetic counselors are health care professionals who help people with genetic conditions or health concerns. They work in a variety of settings, such as hospital clinics, diagnostic and research laboratories, advocacy organizations, government and industry. There is no fiscal impact.
[2/26: 48-1 (No: Schneider; Excused: Chelgren)]


SF 2298 adds a certified pharmacy technician to Board of Pharmacy; updates wholesale transactions to be in compliance with the federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act; creates a new category of “third-party logistics” provider; and amends the section on “limited drug and device distributor” for those that don’t meet the definition of wholesaler.
Pharmacy Practice Act

  1. Adds Certified Pharmacy Technician to the composition of the board.
  2. Updates Iowa Code relating to wholesalers and wholesale transactions to be in compliance with the federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (which prohibits a state from having more or less strict laws or rules than the federal government).
  3. Creates a “third-party logistics provider” license category as allowed by the federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act.
  4. Amends “limited drug and device distributor” to encompass entities that engage in such limited distribution but do not meet federal definition of a wholesaler. Examples include:
    1. Medical gas distributors
    2. Medical device distributors
    3. Veterinary drug distributors
    4. Manufacturer/repackager
    5. Dialysis solution distribution
  5. Such separation of licensure categories ensures compliance with federal law and protects entities from being subject to federal minimum standards for wholesalers when they do not meet the definition of a wholesaler.
    [2/27: 50-0]