Nonpartisan analysis confirms GOP tax plan is ‘fiscally irresponsible’

Iowa Senate News Release
For Immediate Release:  February 27, 2018


Bill is scheduled to be debated in the Iowa Senate
on Wednesday, Feb. 28

DES MOINES — Senator Pam Jochum of Dubuque, the lead Democrat in the Iowa Senate on tax issues, responded today to the release of a nonpartisan analysis of a tax plan released by Senate Republicans:

“The tax plan recently released by Iowa Senate Republicans is more fiscally irresponsible than many Iowans imagined, according to a nonpartisan analysis released today.

“Contrary to the claims of Senate Republicans, their tax plan is NOT fair to many Iowans, it does NOT make Iowa more competitive with other states, and it certainly does NOT take into account the ongoing budget crisis.

“Iowans understand that the tax plan offered by Senate Republicans must be viewed in light of disastrous tax-cut plans approved in Kansas and Oklahoma, which have resulted in massive cuts to education, public safety and other vital services.

“Iowans also see that the plan by Iowa Senate Republicans will further hamper efforts to train more Iowans for the jobs of tomorrow, to increase family incomes and to help create more opportunities for our children and grandchildren.”

 – End –


The nonpartisan fiscal analysis is available here: