Consumer Advocate defends successful energy efficiency programs

Iowa Senate News Release
April 30, 2018

A Statement Sen. Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids
on Senate File 2311 and the Consumer Advocate

The Consumer Advocate’s complete statement is attached

“Thanks to the Iowa Consumer Advocate for speaking up today to defend Iowa’s successful utility energy efficiency programs that have helped create jobs and save consumers money.

“Earlier today, Iowa Consumer Advocate Mark Schuling stated:

“’Energy efficiency has saved millions of dollars in energy savings and benefits all customers with lower rates. It has added thousands of jobs in energy efficiency across Iowa. … As passed by the House, SF2311 is a utility bill good for utilities that will result ultimately in higher rates for customers.’

“Last week, House Democrats fought all night against SF2311, and were joined by five House Republicans in opposing that bill. Senate Republicans should stop and listen to Iowa’s Consumer Advocate.”