Natural Resources and Environment Committee Report — Week 13, 2018

HF 2464– Fees allowed under Land Recycling Program administered by DNR. 



HF 2464 increases fees the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) can collect under the Land Recycling Program (LRP) from up to $7,500 to up to $25,000. Site developers who voluntarily enroll in the LRP pay the fees. The increase will allow DNR to recoup more of the costs they incur from the program. Almost half of the sites issued certificates through the LRP program exceed the existing fee cap, so approximately $30,000 per year must be covered by the DNR’s Hazardous Waste Remedial Fund. Very few projects would exceed the new fee cap level.

The Land Recycling Program allows site developers to receive the state “signoff” on the completion of a site cleanup. Upon DNR review and verification of the cleanup process, the developer is issued a “No Further Action” certificate, which helps them prove that known environmental contamination has been addressed. This adds value to the site for future development opportunities. Fees collected by the DNR in association with site development are limited to actual costs incurred for services rendered, and are a small part of the overall costs of environmental cleanup. This increase is unlikely to impact a company’s decision to participate in the program.
[4/2: 47-0 (Absent: Dawson, Zumbach)]