Natural Resources Committee Report – Week 14, 2018

HF 2466 – Management of spreadable diseases among wild animals



HF 2466 directs the Natural Resource Commission (NRC) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to prevent, control or eradicate infectious or contagious wildlife diseases. This improves DNR’s ability to manage wildlife diseases, especially those that pose threats to commercial livestock and their operations.

The bill also prohibits the transport of Cervidae (the family that includes deer and elk) carcasses into the state from states, provinces or countries where chronic wasting disease has been confirmed. The prohibition does not apply to portions of meat with no part of the head or spinal column attached; meat that is boned out or cut and wrapped; hides or teeth; antlers or skull plates; or finished taxidermy mounts. It also does not apply to nonresidents transporting carcasses directly through the state.

The Senate adopted an amendment on the floor to:

  • Limit DNR actions to what is specifically outlined in the bill.
  • Clarify that DNR must get approval of the landowner or occupant prior to entering private property when administering the wildlife disease program. Current law requires prior approval to access private property.
  • Require a written agreement between the landowner or occupant and the NRC before limiting the unnatural congregation of wild animals on the property.
    [4/17: 46-0 (Absent: Bertrand, Feenstra, Petersen, Zumbach)]