State Government Committee Report – Week 13, 2018

SF 2155 – Political subdivision operating fund investments;
HF 2277Vital statistics public record clarifications;
HF 2349 – Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program administration transfer. 



SF 2155 says that a political subdivision (city, county or school district) may invest that portion of their operating funds, in excess of 33 percent, in five-year certificates of deposit. Current law requires investments that mature within 397 days or less for this portion of excess operating funds. This bill will allow cities, counties or school districts to earn more interest on these investments. The Senate accepted a House amendment clarifying the local government entity can only invest their annual revenue in excess of 33 percent in an investment no longer than 63 months.
[4/2: 47-0 (Excused: Dawson, Zumbach; 49 seated senators)]


HF 2277, as amended, separates open records criteria for county registrars and the state archivists. A record held by a county register adheres to open records requirements, allowing review and copying by the public, no matter the age of the document. Records of birth, marriage or divorce held the by the state archivist must be at least 75 years old, or in the case of fetal death, at least 50 years old to be subject to open records (Chapter 22).
[4/3: 48-0 (Excused: Dawson; 49 senators seated)]


HF 2349 transfers administration of the Statewide Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program from casinos and boats to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. The potential fiscal impact is $225,000 for FY19, which includes $125,000 in salaries and $10,000 in website maintenance. These additional costs will be funded through the Gaming Regulatory Revolving Fund.
4/2: 47-0 (Excused: Dawson, Zumbach; 49 seated senators)]