What’s it like to be a Senate page?

2018 Senate Page Tali Tesar

By 2018 Senate Page Tali Tesar

My name is Tali Tesar. I’m an 18-year-old high school senior from Clear Lake, and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to serve as a page for the 2018 Iowa Senate session.

I have always been interested in politics, so I was thrilled when I discovered there is a way to get involved at a young age. I believe that it’s important to gain real-world experience in a career field before deciding to go into it, whether through a job shadow, internship or a paid work. I hoped being a page would help me figure out if politics is where I should be headed.

The experience solidified my conviction. It also helped me learn more than most people will ever know about the process, the people and the behind-the-scenes activity that goes into lawmaking.

Tali Tesar talks with Senator Ragan about her experience as a page at the Statehouse.

Perhaps the most important lesson I learned is how crucial a role government plays in the lives of every citizen. From health care to education to taxes, legislators spend countless hours trying to do what is best for Iowans, especially those who are less privileged. It is incredibly empowering to witness that.

It was also exhilarating to feel that I was part of something bigger than myself, even though my responsibilities weren’t always exciting and often involved running around the Capitol on errands for senators. I will cherish fun memories with my fellow pages, watching emotional debates and spending some late nights on the job.

I head to Grinnell College to study political science in the fall with experience and connections that give me a head start. To any high school students interested in a career in politics or in becoming a more informed voter, working as a page is worth considering.

I’d be happy to answer questions about my experience and what you could expect from a semester as a page. Just send an email to ttesar18@gmail.com.

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