Government Oversight Committee – All-Bill Summary 2018

All bills passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor for her signature during the 2018 session. 

SJR 2011 – Joint resolution authorizing ABATE to hold a toy benefit at Capitol
HF 2475 – Government ethics and regulation of lobbyists/gifts
HF 2488 – Temporary permits to practice cosmetology


SJR 2011 allows the A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education (ABATE) to hold a motorcycle rally toy run on October 14, 2018. ABATE of Iowa plans to sell commemorative t-shirts, sweatshirts, lapel pins and patches for the benefit of Iowa children and to defray the costs of a police escort. The resolution is needed because current rules prohibit merchandise sales on the State Capitol complex grounds without prior approval.


HF 2475 concerns the ethics and regulation of lobbyists and gifts. Currently, the definition of “lobbyist” has eight exceptions, including that a person is not a lobbyist if they are a member, director, trustee, officer or committee member of a business, trade, labor, farm, professional, religious, education or charitable association, foundation or organization, who is not paid or is not specifically designated as a lobbyist. For that exception to apply, the person must not be paid compensation AND must not be specifically designated as a lobbyist.


HF 2488 allows the Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences to issue a temporary permit to practice cosmetology, to demonstrate cosmetology arts and sciences, or to provide cosmetology arts and sciences services at not-for-profit events. The permit is issued for a specific event and may be issued to a person, salon, or school of cosmetology arts and sciences. The temporary permit must be posted and visible to the public at the location where the cosmetology arts and sciences services are provided. The temporary permit is valid for no more than 12 days. An application and fee must be submitted at least 30 days before the permit is needed. The board cannot issue more than four temporary permits to an applicant in a calendar year. A person providing cosmetology arts and sciences services at a not-for-profit event must hold a current license to practice.