Child protections cannot wait

February 26, 2020 Senate Staff 0

If we want to protect Iowa kids from abuse, neglect and potential death, it’s time to provide adequate funding for Iowa DHS. As we prepare the next state budget, we’ll be fighting for the dedicated workers and the people they serve.

Tax-hike proposal violates Iowans’ trust

February 25, 2020 Senate Staff 0

In 2010, voters approved a Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund to be filled with a portion of state sales tax if the sales tax was increased. Governor Reynolds now wants to raise the sales tax, but is reneging on the agreed-to amount for natural resources and recreation.

Bipartisan bills alive after first funnel

February 24, 2020 Senate Staff 0

Feb. 21 was the “first funnel” at the Iowa Capitol. That means policy bills must have been passed by a committee to be considered during the remainder of the session. Here are some good bipartisan bills that made it through.