Agriculture Committee – Week 6, 2020


SF 2211 – IDALS pesticide electronic case management system

SF 2211establishes and administers an electronic case management system for claims resulting from pesticide drift.The measure includes no funding.
[2/19: 12-0 (Excused: Costello)]

SSB 3151 – Grain deposits and sellers indemnity fund study

SSB 3151requires the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardshipto study the long-term continuance of the grain depositors and sellers indemnity fund and report to the Governor and Legislature by December 15, 2020.
[2/19: 12-0 (Excused: Shipley)]

SSB 3171 – Food operation trespass

SSB 3171 enhances the trespass charge for an aggravated misdemeanor. The penalty would be up to two years in prison and a fine of $625 to $6,250 for “food operations,” which are defined as a location where a food animal is kept, including, but not limited to:

  • A fair
  • An exhibition
  • A business operated by a person licensed to practice veterinary medicine
  • A food establishment that sells meat or poultry products
  • A farmer’s market that sells meat or poultry products

The bill was amended in committee to cover bees and birds.
[2/19: 11-1 (No: Taylor; Excused: Shipley)]

SSB 3172 – Agriculture departmental bill 

SSB 3172 makes various changes to the operations of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS):

  • Identity theft:IDALS has been moving to an electronic licensing system and the last license to go electronic is the pet breeders license. Thus, IDALS does not want any social security numbers online or on licenses for safety. This measure is included in this bill.
  • Animal Health: Details the seizure and disposition of diseased animals. If animal owners do not follow the steps to help contain a disease, civil penalties will be incurred. These new steps are supported by all the animal commodity groups.
  • Local Farm and Produce Program and Fund: IDALS will reimburse schools for expenses for purchase of fresh farm produce if the school registers. The food source must be located in within 30 miles of the school district. This bill contains no funding. For every $3 spent by schools, the fund reimburses $1.
  • Code clean up relating to:  
    • Fertilizers and soil conditioners
    • Weights and measures
    • Fee reduction from $9 to $4.50
    • Deleting oath of weighmaster
    • Eliminating mandatory servicers licenses (test is not administered anymore) [2/19: 12-0 (Excused: Shipley)]

SSB 3180 – Prohibiting animal enterprise/use of a working animal

SSB 3180 was amended in committee to prohibit local governments from creating ordinances banning animal enterprise and use of a working animal. This would cover circus animals, rodeo animals, FFA animals and carriage rides. The intent is to ensure that youth agricultural activities, including FFA, 4-H and county fairs, cannot be prohibited by a city or county.  

The bill significantly narrows the scope of what is included in a state preemption of local ordinances and makes it clear that cities and counties can regulate other commercial activities, such as pet stores and commercial breeders. The narrowed scope of the amendment ensures that cities and counties can still regulate commercial enterprises to protect animal and consumer welfare.  

These enterprises would still have the protection of Iowa’s animal welfare statutes for the care and treatment of animals, but a city or county could not pass an ordinance that prohibits them from operating within their jurisdiction or put limits on how they operate within their jurisdiction.
[2/19: 12-0 (Excused: Shipley)]