Labor & Business Committee – Week 5, 2020


SSB 3068—Public Assistance Restrictions

SSB 3068, as amended,directs the Department of Human Services to comply with federal regulations that require data matching with a national clearinghouse to provide real-time prevention of duplicate participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program. The bill also creates additional oversight and restrictions, including eligibility determination and redeterminations, identity authentication, and asset identification for public assistance programs. The definition of public assistance includes children’s health insurance programs, Medicaid, SNAP and the Family Investment Program (FIP). DHS is required to redesign the current system, establish a new system or contract with third parties to do multiple data matches on all applicants. The bill lists many sources of possible data matches and databases that must be checked from federal, state and other public sources. A contract for the services must save more money than the contract costs. The bill requires verification to occur “in-between” initial eligibility determination and annual renewal, but it does not define what that means. The bill sets up a process for recipients to dispute a discrepancy or change in circumstances.
[2/12: 7-4 (Yes: Republicans; No: Democrats)]