State Government Committee – Week 5, 2020


SF 2134 – Manufacturing canned cocktails

SF 2134 allows a manufacturer of beer to obtain and possess alcoholic liquor to manufacture canned cocktails. Currently, a liquor manufacturer can make canned cocktails in a bottle, not a sealed can. Current Code has been interpreted to define all sealed cans as beer, so liquor manufacturers have been prohibited from using cans to avoid deviating from Iowa’s three-tiered system. This bill would allow Iowa liquor businesses to manufacture in sealed cans. The bill is effective upon enactment.
[2/6: 44-4 (No: Celsi, Costello, Guth, Hogg; Excused: Whiting, Zaun)]


SSB 3057 – Department of Homeland Security bill  

SSB 3057 deals with hazard mitigation during a disaster emergency/flooding. Under the bill, if financial assistance for hazard mitigation/flood recovery is granted by the federal government (but not a Governor’s proclamation), the state may participate in the funding of the financial assistance authorized to a local government in an amount not to exceed 10 percent of eligible expenses. In addition, if financial assistance is granted for state-related hazard mitigation, the state may participate in the funding in an amount not to exceed 50 percent of eligible expenses. Local governments must have a state-approved comprehensive emergency plan to participate.
[2/6: 13-0 (Excused: Whiting, Zaun)]

SSB 3065 – Limits authority of a county or city to adopt an ordinance

SSB 3065 limits the authority of a county or city to require someone under 18 to obtain a permit or license for a business operated for no more than 89 days in a calendar year.
[2/11: 9-5, party-line (Excused: Feenstra)]

SSB 3066 – Gambling setoff requirements 

SSB 3066 amends setoff requirements related to winnings on fantasy sports and sports betting. Under current law, someone who wins money at a racetrack or gambling structure is subject to a setoff from winnings above $1,200. This bill strikes the dollar threshold and makes everyone subject to the setoff if the winnings are required to be reported on Internal Revenue Service form W-2G for gambling winnings. The requirements to file the form depend on the amount of winnings and the type of wager: $1,200 on bingo or slots; $1,500 on keno (reduced by wager); $5,000 on poker tournament (reduced by wager); and $600 on other gambling winnings when the payout is at least 300 times the amount of the wager.

The bill also amends provisions relating to qualified sponsoring organizations (QSO) licensed to operate gambling games.  The bill retains the current requirement that the board of directors of a QSO be residents of the state and that the board of directors include a member of the county board of supervisors and city council of each applicable county and city that has a licensed facility as ex officio nonvoting members of the board. The bill further provides that selection of these nonvoting members is at the option of the county or city and that the ex officio members are not be required to enter into a nondisclosure agreement. The bill requires that the QSO and an organization that receives contributions from the QSO to distribute grants, must conduct and submit to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission an audit on the organization’s activities.
[2/11: 14-0 (Excused: Feenstra)]

SSB 3069 – Regulation of dental hygienists and dental assistants

SSB 3069 removes the requirement that services performed by a dental hygienist or dental assistant be performed in a dental office, public or private school, public health agency, hospital or armed forces facility. The bill allows the dental board to impose an administrative penalty of up to $500 on licensees, registrants and trainees who practice dentistry or employ someone to practice dentistry without the proper license, registration, permit or qualification, or who fail to meet continuing education requirements.

The bill allows a dental assistant with additional training to perform expanded functions and participate in dental radiography. The bill prohibits a dental assistant from placing sealants on teeth unless the dental assistant has completed expanded function training through the University of Iowa College of Dentistry or a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. 
[2/11: 14-0 (Excused: Feenstra)]

SSB 3070 – Nonresident deer and wild turkey hunting licenses 

SSB 3070 requires the Department of Natural Resources to give special nonresident deer and wild turkey hunting licenses to nonresident dignitaries and guests so that state officials and local development groups can promote the state and its natural resources.

Currently, a committee made up of the Senate Majority Leader, the Speaker of the House and the Economic Development Authority director, or their respective designees, may allocate up to 50 nonresident deer hunting licenses and up to 50 nonresident wild turkey hunting licenses to nonresident guests and dignitaries.
[2/6: 13-0 (Excused: Whiting, Zaun)]

SSB 3083 – National Guard clean-up bill

SSB 3083 comes from the Department of Public Defense and contains three main provisions:

1. The leasing of armories code section is amended to say that property may be leased to be used for armory purposes for any term not to exceed 30 years (instead of 20).

2. The Iowa Code of Military Justice (ICMJ), as amended with this bill, will allow a Commander to pursue military charges in an off-base incident even if the local police do not pursue charges.

3. The National Guard service scholarship programs, is amended to expend unobligated funds to recruit and retain programs and for a new STEM scholarship program.

The bill also requires a new report the Legislature listing the STEM-related career fields the Adjutant General plans to support with funds available for that fiscal year. The bill establishes a National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program to be administered by the College Student Aid Commission and also sets requirements for the master’s degree scholarship program.
[2/6: 13-0 (Excused: Whiting, Zaun)]

SSB 3091 – Repeals the Missouri River Preservation and Land Use Authority

SSB 3091 is a clean-up bill that eliminates Missouri River Authority, which has not been active. There are no funds or costs associated with this Authority. There isn’t an account under the control of the Treasurer as the Code section requires. There has only been one piece of legislation for the Code section, which was the one that established it.
[2/6: 13-0 (Excused: Whiting, Zaun)]