Transportation Committee – Week 4, 2020


SF 2026 -Fly Our Colors Special Registration Plate

SF 2026 allows the Department of Transportation to issue flying our colors special registration plates designed with navy along the top, red along the bottom, with an image of the bald eagle behind the plate’s letters and numbers. The fee for the flying colors plate is $35 and an additional $25 fee for personalized plates. Until July 1, 2023, the state treasurer must credit monthly from the statutory allocations fund to the flood mitigation fund the amount of the special fees for flying our colors plates collected in the previous month.
[2/5: short form (Absent: Whiting)]

SSB 3101 – Rumble Strips on Certain Highways

SSB 3101 requires any governmental entity to construct and maintain a series of rough-textured, slightly raised or depressed grooves (rumble strips) along the surface of a roadway. The rumble strips are required in advance of all stop signs located on a highway where the highway enters or crosses a primary highway. They are not required on unpaved highways or highways inside the limits of any incorporated city, or highways with a speed limit of less than 55 miles per hour. The bill strikes Section 25B.2, which would relieve a political subdivision from complying with a state mandate if funding the cost is not provided or specified.
[2/5: short form (Absent: Whiting)]