Education Committee – Week 9, 2020


SF 2154Qualifications for community college CTE instructors

SF 2154 gives another option by which a community college instructor may teach in the career and technical education (CTE) area. The bill now allows someone with an associate degree in the relevant CTE field, if such degree is considered terminal for that field of instruction, and the instructor has at least 3,000 hours of recent and relevant work experience to teach CTE classes in their area. Currently, an instructor must have a baccalaureate or graduate degree, or if less than a BA, they must have special training and at least 6,000 hours of recent and relevant work experience in the area in which the instructor teaches classes. The bill allows anyone with any 4-year degree and 18 semester hours of the relevant CTE classroom work to be eligible to teach those CTE classes.
[3/11: 46-0 (Excused: Breitbach, Brown, Feenstra, Hogg)]