Transportation Committee – Week 7, 2020


SF 2091 – Odometer Requirements

SF 2091 complies with regulations issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for odometer disclosure statements when registering and titling a motor vehicle. Under current law, a vehicle model that is at least 10 years old is exempt from the odometer disclosure statement. This bill will require a 20-year look-back.
[2/25: 50-0]

SF 2249 – Secondary Road Classification

SF 2249 allows that an area service “C” classification for a road must apply to the entire portion of a road between the road’s access points and includes, but is not limited to, the driveway. It prohibits county supervisors from classifying as level “C” only part of a road between the access points, or only a bridge on the road.
[2/25: 49-1 (No: R. Taylor)]

SF 2250 – Timber Buyers

SF 2250 relates to the responsibilities of timber buyers and transporters in an effort to thwart timber theft. It requires a person engaged in transporting timber to possess a completed form approved by the Department of Natural Resources, showing written proof of ownership or consent of the owner to take the timber. Failure to provide a completed form is a serious misdemeanor, but the violation may be removed if a form is be completed and presented to the DNR before the date of enforcement of the fine.
[2/24: 50-0]

SF 2296 – Vehicle Independent Contractors

SF 2296 seeks to define the term “owns” as it relates to an owner-operator of a vehicle and qualifies as an independent contractor. Under Iowa’s worker compensation, wage and unemployment laws, a worker or an employee is entitled to certain benefits. However, the terms “worker” and “employee” do not apply to independent contractors.
[2/24: 32-18, party line]