Transportation Committee – Week 8, 2020


SF 2310 -Oversized loads

SF 2310 eliminates the annual permit for a vehicle or a combination of vehicles transporting a divisible load of hay, stover, straw or bagged livestock bedding. It also increases the size to not exceed 12 feet 5 inches in width, 75 feet in length and 14 feet 6 inches in height.
[3/4: short form]

SF 2360 – Driver’s license for person 72 or over

SF 2360 changes a driver’s license effective period for person 72 years or older from two years to six years. The issuance is from the licensee’s birthday.
[3/4: short form]


SF 2089 – CDL disqualification for human trafficking

SF 2089 complies with federal regulations related to a lifetime commercial driver’s license disqualification for those committing a felony involving a severe form of human trafficking while operating a commercial motor vehicle.
[3/2: 50-0]