Transportation Committee – Week 21, 2020


HF 2372 – Exempting Chauffeur License

HF 2372 exempts a farmer or farmer’s hired help from requiring a chauffeur license when operating a special truck owned by the farmer and exclusively transporting farm products within 100 miles from land owned or rented by the farmer.
[6/3: short form]


HF 2310 – Oversized Loads

HF 2310 eliminates the annual permit for a vehicle or a combination of vehicles transporting a divisible load of hay, stover, straw or bagged livestock bedding. It also increases the size to a maximum of 12 feet 5 inches wide, 75 feet long and 14 feet 6 inches high.
[6/6: 49-0 (Excused: Zumbach)]

HF 2360 – Expiration of Driver’s License

HF 2360 – Under current law, if a person is between 17 years, 11 months and 72 years old when issued a driver’s license, the license expires eight years from the licensee’s birthday, up to the person’s 78th birthday. The bill alters the upper age limit and is effective September 1, 2020.
[6/6: 46-4 (No: Celsi, Hogg, Quirmbach, Wahls)]