Voting: Are you ready?

We’re just six weeks from the 2020 election. Are you ready to vote?

To vote in Iowa, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be an Iowa resident.
  • Be at least 18 on Election Day.
  • Be registered to vote. Get complete details on registering for vote from the ACLU-Iowa.

Make a plan to vote to eliminate last-minute confusion and ensure you know your options:

  • Decide how to vote (by mail or in-person).
  • Decide when to vote (early or on Election Day).
  • Decide where to vote (at a polling place or the county auditor’s office).

Your county auditor should be your primary source for accurate election information. Find your county auditor’s contact information.

Voting after a criminal conviction

Most Iowans who have a felony conviction are now eligible to vote. You can vote if:

  • You have discharged your sentence, meaning you aren’t incarcerated for a felony, or on probation, parole, supervised release or subject to a special sentence.
  • You were not convicted of felony under Iowa Code Chapter 707. If you were, you must apply to have your voting rights restored through the Iowa Governor’s office.
  • You still owe fines, fees or restitution. You must pay those debts, but they aren’t tied to your ability to vote.

Get complete details at