Veterans Affairs Committee – Week 3, 2021


SF 12 – County process for military property tax exemption applications

SF 12 allows a county assessor, prior to making a recommendation to approve or disapprove a military service property tax exemption, to request that the county veteran service officer verify the eligibility of the claimant and make a written statement of findings after review of the relevant documents (e.g., order of separation, honorable discharge) filed with the county recorder. It applies to claims for military service property tax exemptions filed for assessment years beginning on or after January 1, 2022. It is similar to HF 197.
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SSB 1043 Coast Guard members defined as ‘federal active duty’

SSB 1043 provides that “federal active duty” includes full-time duty performed by the United States Coast Guard. Employers must treat Coast Guard members the same as National Guard and other military members in regards to unemployment, payments and benefits. An employer must provide a leave of absence to regular, reserve or auxiliary members of the Coast Guard when called to military duty. This includes state active duty, National Guard duty, federal active duty or Civil Air Patrol duty, without loss of status or efficiency rating, and without loss of pay during the first 30 days of the leave of absence. It also adds similar protections relating to discrimination against a person because of military service, prohibits employers from discharging a person due to that service and prohibits an employer from terminating group health insurance coverage for a leave of absence for military duty. The bill also adds “space forces” as a component of the military in Iowa Code. House companion is HF 200.
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SSB 1044 – Military Home Ownership Assistance funds

SSB 1044 makes unobligated or unexpended moneys appropriated to the Veterans Trust Fund in a fiscal year available to the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) to provide grants to veterans to participate in the home ownership assistance program rather than revert to the trust fund. IFA administers the program, and typically has a waiting list of applicants months before the fiscal year ends.
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