Human Resources Committee – Week 7, 2021


SF 307 – State Medical Examiner Child Death Autopsies and Transportation Costs

SF 307 requires counties to pay transportation costs both to and from the State Medical Examiner’s Office. Under the bill, as amended, an autopsy will not be required for a child death when the county medical examiner’s or State Medical Examiner’s investigation determines that the deceased child’s cause and manner of death are obvious and there are no significant legal, medical or investigative concerns. The bill also makes some technical terminology changes.
[2/23:  48-0 (Excused: Nunn, Shipley)]


HF 260 – Number of Child in Childcare

HF 260 adjusts the number of children child care providers can have. The bill makes these adjustments:

  • Child Care Homes. These homes are not registered with the state and are found in single-family residences. They are currently only able to care for five or fewer children at any time. If there are more than five children, the provider must register with the state. The bill continues to allow providers with five or fewer children to NOT register and adds a provision that allows NO registration if it is six or fewer children if at least one of the children is school-aged.

  • Child Development Homes. These homes are single-family residences as well, but they are registered with the state. They are currently able to provide child care to six or more children at any one time. The bill changes that to allow for seven or more children at any one time.
    [2/24: 8-5 party-line (No: Democrats)]

SSB 1185 – Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact

SSB 1185 adopts the interstate occupational therapy licensure compact. The compact establishes a system in which occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants licensed to practice in a member state may practice in another member state without applying for a license in the other state. The compact imposes certain minimum requirements on the licensure of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in member states. The compact goes into effect upon adoption by 10 states.
[2/24: short form]

SSB 1193 – Days Waiting Placement Study 

SSB 1193 requires the Department of Human Services to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of providing Medicaid reimbursement to hospitals for administrative days that require patients to stay in the hospital while they wait for an appropriate placement. DHS will work with stakeholders to develop a report, including findings, options and criteria for reimbursement, with estimated costs. The report is due to the Governor and the Legislature by December 15, 2021.
[2/24: short form]

SSB 1158 – Voting Members of MHDS Regional Boards

SSB 1158 limits the voting rights of the voting members of a governing board so that only board members holding an elected office of Board of Supervisors or their designee will have the authority to vote on matters involving a mental health and disability service region’s expenditures.
[2/24: short form]