Local Government Committee – Week 6, 2021


SF 252 – Section 8 Housing city ordinance

SF 252 prevents Iowa cities from mandating participation in the Section 8 Federal Housing Program. This action would allow landlords to turn away tenants who use public assistance to pay rent. Currently, Des Moines, Marion and Iowa City have ordinances requiring landlords to accept the vouchers. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the administrator of Section 8, which helps low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities afford housing by subsidizing the cost for qualifying units.
[2/17: 31-17, party line (Excused: Nunn)]


SSB 1167 – Amending agreements regarding land record information system

SSB 1167 alters how Iowa counties can amend contracts with the Iowa County Land Record Information System (also known as Iowa Land Records). Since 2005, counties have entered into 28E agreements with Iowa Land Records and the Iowa County Recorders Association, a private organization, to execute all contracts for an online property records repository. After the State Auditor’s office raised concerns about a private organization performing a duty normally done by a public entity, SSB 1167 was drafted to remove the requirement the Iowa County Recorders Association execute the contracts and to give county supervisors the authority to amend the original 28E agreements.
[2/16: Short form (Excused: Hogg)]

SF 108 – Duties of County Compensation Board

SF 108 changes the duties of a county compensation board when recommending a salary. The bill requires the county compensation board to consider the current economic health of the county and state when recommending the compensation schedule. SF 108 also requires the county compensation board to provide documentation to the board of county supervisors that demonstrates how the compensation board determined the schedule, along with providing the compensation information for counties with similar populations, plus all the adjacent counties in Iowa.
[2/16: Short form (Excused: Hogg)]

SF 133 – Sharing of County Assessors

SF 133allows two or more counties to enter into a sharing agreement for joint assessors by a 28E agreement. For counties that decide to enter into a sharing agreement, a conference board (not board of supervisors) must consist of the same voting units but include all required members from each county.
[2/16: Short form (Excused: Hogg)]