Transportation Committee – Week 7, 2021


SF 419 – Display of registration plates

SF 419 (formerly SSB 1156) prohibits a peace officer from stopping or detaining a vehicle for not displaying two registration plates—one in the front and one in the rear of the vehicle. A violation is only enforceable when the driver is stopped for violating another law. Previously, vehicles before 1948 were considered antique vehicles and exempt from the front-plate requirement. This bill would allow a vehicle 25 years old or older to register as an antique vehicle.
[2/18: 8-5, party line]

SF 420 – Private land for public use

SF 420 amends the definition of land to include privately owned railroad rights-of-way and includes land located in a city in connection with or while being used for recreational purposes. Current law provides that a holder of land who makes the land available for a public recreational purpose without charge does not owe a duty of care to keep the premises safe for entry or use by others for a recreational purpose or urban deer control, or to give any warning of a dangerous condition, use, structure or activity on the premises.
[2/18: 8-5, party line]

SF 421– Interference with transport of agricultural animal

SF 421 creates an aggravate misdemeanor offense for knowingly interfering with a motor vehicle transporting an agricultural animal or interfering with an agricultural animal confined in the motor vehicle. A second offense becomes a class “D” felony. Also, a defendant charged with the offense may assert an affirmative defense that they were acting with the consent of either of the following: (1) a person actually or apparently transporting the agricultural animal; or (2) a person actually or apparently exercising legal control of the agricultural animal.
[2/18: short form]

SF 422 – Weight limits in national emergency

SF 422 – Federal law 23 U.S.C. §127(i) authorizes states to issue special permits for overweight vehicles carrying divisible loads of disaster relief supplies on the interstate system during a presidentially declared major disaster. The Iowa Code does not currently authorize the DOT to issue one special permit to apply to multiple vehicles with overweight divisible loads on the interstate when they are operating under the same motor carrier’s U.S. DOT number. This bill rectifies that problem.
[2/18: short form]

SSB 1057 -Weigh station preclearance program

SSB 1057 allows the DOT to run a preclearance program with the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Network (CVISN), which is authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The Iowa DOT must determine which weigh stations will participate in the preclearance program and all preclearance systems and platforms must be treated uniformly.
[2/23: short form]

SSB 1206 – Transfer of registration plates

SSB 1206 allows a person to surrender their registration card and plates to any county treasurer, rather than just in the county where the vehicle is registered. It keeps the $180 documentary fee for registration application, certification of title and related services. It strikes the requirement that the maximum documentary fee be reduced by $25 after a statewide electronic system for titling, registration and related services is implemented. The bill also addresses warranty services, and states that automakers must provide auto dealers a list of time allowances for performing warranty services.
[2/23: short form]