Human Resources Committee – Week 12, 2021


SF 81 – Direct Primary Care Agreement Pilot Project

SF 81 requires the Department of Human Services to develop and oversee a pilot program to allow some Medicaid members to receive primary care health services through a direct primary care agreement, with the Medicaid Enterprise acting as the third-party payor.
[3/29: 28-17, party-line (Excused: Driscoll, Hogg, Kraayenbrink, Nunn, Sweeney)]

HF 260 – Number of children in child care

HF 260 adjusts the number of children child care providers can have. The bill makes these adjustments:

  • Child Care Homes. These homes are not registered with the state and are found in single-family residences. They currently can have five or fewer children at any time. If there are more than five children, the provider must register with the state. The bill continues to allow providers with five or fewer children to NOT register and adds a provision that allows NO registration if the provider has six or fewer children and at least one of the children is school-aged.
  • Child Development Homes. These homes are single-family residences as well, but they are registered with the state. They currently can have six or more children at any time. The bill changes that to allow for seven or more children at any time.
    [3/29: 30-15 (Yes: Republicans, Bisignano, Kinney; Excused: Driscoll, Hogg, Kraayenbrink, Nunn, Sweeney)]