Labor & Business Committee – Week 12, 2021


HF 259—Banning mandatory implantation of microchips in employees

HF 259 prohibits an employer from requiring an employee to have a microchip or other device implanted or inserted in the employee’s body. The bill also prohibits employers from incenting an employee to implant a microchip or other device. The bill does allow an employee to voluntarily agree to implant a microchip or other device if there is no employer incentive or privilege to do so.

The committee adopted an amendment that makes technical changes to the bill: adds language that the microchip or other device cannot be “placed on the employee’s body in a manner that it cannot be removed;” and adds a civil penalty of $1,000 for an employer who violates this prohibition. It is a $1,000 penalty for each violation. All civil penalties will be deposited into the state’s General Fund.
[3/30: 10-0; (Excused: Driscoll)]


SF 496—Prohibiting non-compete agreements, low-wage workers

SF 496 prohibits employers from entering into noncompete agreements with low-wage employees. A “low-wage employee” is an employee who earns an average monthly wage that is less than or equal to $14.50 per hour. A “noncompete agreement” means an agreement between the employer and the low-wage employee that restricts the employee from performing any of the following: work for a different employer for a specified period of time; work in a specified geographical area; or work for a different employer that is similar to a low-wage employee’s work for the employer who is a party to the agreement.
[3/29: 45-0 (Excused: Driscoll, Hogg, Kraayenbrink, Nunn, Sweeney)]