Labor & Business Relations – Week 9, 2021


SF 494 – Barbering apprenticeship

SF 494 allows barbershops to provide barbering apprenticeship training programs, which are registered by the Office of Apprenticeship of the United States Department of Labor. Any individual that completes the application form prescribed by the Barbering Board and completes the apprenticeship program will be allowed to take the examination for a license to practice barbering. The bill requires that the person supervising the apprentices be a licensed barber with at least three years of experience. A barbershop will provide to the Barbering Board the name of each apprentice in the training program. The bill allows the Board to charge a fee of no more than $20 per apprentices to a barbershop.
[3/8: 43-5 (No: Boulton, Dotzler, Hogg, T. Taylor, Wahls; Excused: Nunn, Whiting)]