Rules & Administration Committee – Week 11, 2021


SCR 6 – Joint Pay Resolution

SSB 1251 relates to the compensation of chaplains, officers and employees of the Legislature. A pay resolution has not been passed since 2017. References to the 87th General Assembly have been updated to the 89th General Assembly throughout.

Other updates include:

  • The pay scale reflects the three COLAS staff have received since 2017.
  • The option to hire a human resources staffer as a joint employee or House/Senate employee and a designated pay grade.
  • A sole secretary for two or more legislators is eligible for six additional steps in their compensation.
    [COMMITTEE 3/18: 9-0 (Absent: Sinclair, Zumbach); FLOOR 3/22: 48-0 (Absent: Kinney, Nunn)]

HCR 10 – Joint Rules

HCR 10 is the joint rules for the House and Senate. References to the 88th General Assembly have been updated to the 89th General Assembly throughout.

In Joint Rule 20, language from the June 2020 “covid session” is struck, and is replaced with the usual language regarding funnels and debate restrictions throughout the first and second sessions of the General Assembly.

Most notable is the addition of a new rule, Rule 25. Rule 25 is described as putting into rules something that has been enforced for years: not allowing demonstrations on the second floor of the Capitol. The rule states that demonstrations are not permitted anywhere on the second floor of the Capitol. “…. Demonstration includes the posting, wearing, or carrying of signage, setting up of tables or booths, chanting, rallies or marches.” The rule also clarifies that it does not apply to wearing clothing or buttons that contain political statements or messages.

In the House subcommittee, it was stated that the last portion was added so that people do not have to remove clothing or cover up to be on the second floor. For example, an FFA student does not need to remove their coat when they come up to the second floor, or an NRA or Planned Parenthood activist does not have to remove or cover their shirt, etc.
[COMMITTEE 3/18: 9-0 (Absent: Sinclair, Zumbach; FLOOR 3/22: 48-0 (Absent: Kinney, Nunn)]