Transportation Committee – Week 11, 2021


SF 389 – Exemption from chauffeur’s license

SF 389 exempts all volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance drivers and rescue squad attendants from being considered a chauffeur.
[3/22: 48-0 (Excused: Kinney, Nunn)]

HF 495 – Reporting dates on Road Use Tax Funds

HF 495 (SF 319) changes the reporting date for cities from September 30 to December 1 each year for monies it received from the Road Use Tax Fund. It also changes from December 31 to March 1 the date that all moneys that revert to the street construction fund.
[3/22: 48-0 (Excused: Kinney, Nunn)]

HF 655 – Interference with transport of agricultural animal

HF 655 (SF 421) makes it an aggravated misdemeanor for knowingly interfering with a motor vehicle transporting an agricultural animal or interfering with an agricultural animal confined in a motor vehicle. A second offense becomes a class “D” felony. Also, a defendant charged with the offense may assert an affirmative defense that the person was acting with the consent of either of the following: (1) a person actually or apparently transporting the agricultural animal; or (2) a person actually or apparently exercising legal control of the agricultural animal.
[3/22: 48-0 (Excused: Kinney, Nunn)]