Education Committee – Week 15, 2021


SF 532 – Mental Health Practitioner and Behavior Analysts Professional Recognition

SF 532 establishes a Statement of Professional Recognition (SPR) requirement for behavior analysts and mental health practitioners. As amended by the House, the bill contains a broader definition in statute for a mental health professional. It will allow a mental health professional, which is licensed through the Board of Educational Examiners, to have a Statement of Professional Recognition or be licensed via the BOEE. The behavior analyst would just need a Statement of Professional Recognition through the BOEE.
[4/21: 46-0 (Excused: Mathis, Nunn, Schultz, Whiting)]

HF 675 – Substitute requirements 

HF 675 reestablishes the long existing substitute rule that allows a substitute to only teach one assignment for no more than 30 days, and it codifies the substitute teacher requirements. The bill moves the substitute teacher authorization from five days to 10 days, which is the same as in the Board of Educational Examiners’ (BOEE) proposed rule. A school district administrator may file a written request with the board for an extension of the 10-day limit in one job assignment in a 30-day period on the basis of documented need and benefit to the instructional program. The bill codifies that a substitute teacher authorization requires at least an associate degree or not less than 60 undergraduate semester hours. This was a change from a Governor’s COVID-19 proclamation. HF 675 addresses the session delay the Administrative Rules Review Committee put on a certain BOEE rule proposal regarding substitute teaching requirements. A session delay means the Legislature must act to address the subject, or the administrative rules goes into effect upon adjournment of the 2021 legislative session.
[4/21: 46-0 (Excused: Mathis, Nunn, Schultz, Whiting)]

HF 770 – License Renewal Requirement, Individualized PD

HF 770 requires half of the units needed for licensure renewal by the BOEE to be earned by successfully completing an individualized professional development plan as verified by the supervising licensed evaluator, or by successfully completing professional development courses or programs offered by a professional development program licensed by the board, or by a practitioner preparation institution or Area Education Agency approved by the State Board of Education.
[4/21: 46-0 (Excused: Mathis, Nunn, Schultz, Whiting)]

HF 793 – PE exemption for JROTC

HF 793 allows a student who is enrolled in JROTC to be exempt from the requirement to participate in Physical Education (PE). A student will receive one-eight unit of PE credit for each semester they are enrolled and complete of JRTOC.
[4/21: 46-0 (Excused: Mathis, Nunn, Schultz, Whiting)]